Product Offer, Development and

Software for buying house

Product offer

  • Helps in generating the photo offer, product offer, and price quotations, while keeping a track of all communications.
  • The product offer can be accessed via different combinations, vis-�-vis, customer (buyer), source (supplier), product hierarchy, season, price range, periodic, as well as on communication log
  • It can further be linked to sampling as well as purchase orders.

Sample request

  • A sample or product development request can be generated in the system, which can initiate with a concept shared by the buyer, internally conceived, or an item sourced from different locations
  • The product details are comprehensive and evolves through a detailed and step-by-step SDLC, i.e., Style Development Life Cycle
  • A Time �n� Activity calendar is automatically generated defining responsibilities as well as target date for each activity.
  • An alert is being generated of these targets for each user responsible in advance and are escalated to the hierarchy through a user-defined escalation matrix
  • The product details also include, though not limited to, bill of material, costing, complete labeling & packaging details, logistic details, technical and size specifications, color matrix, volume based pricing, photo gallery, and aesthetic call-outs, etc.
  • A details Sample Tracking can be generated in a matrix form with items as rows and activity as columns � providing a complete control to the users (merchandisers), managers (coordinators, supervisors, or team leads), as well as the management

Sample Invoice

  • If required, a sample invoice can also be prepared and raised for sending the samples.
  • The sample invoice can be chargeable or of no commercial value for free trade samples.