Frequently Asked Questions

Software for buying house

Q 1. What can I get by using BuyerEase?
Optimization of processes
Discipline across all functions
Decision support with a powerful MIS
Establishes better control.
Also, it will help you to adapt yourself to latest technologies.

Q 2. Why is BuyerEase on the web?
Being the teams at different location and operating in different time zones BuyerEase helps to communicate asynchronously using Internet.

Q 3. How do I deploy BuyerEase?
BuyerEase can be used on ASP model or can be deployed at customer's server.

Q 4. What is an ASP Model?
BuyerEase can be made available to you on ASP model, whereby you do not have to worry about hardware and software deployment and you will have the application available for usage on web. In this model we take care of the server administration, application maintenance at our end and you enjoy the features of BuyerEase online.

Q 5. Can I get this installed at my office?
Yes BuyerEase can be installed at your office. Deployment of BuyerEase requires some prerequisites in terms of Hardware and Software configuration and this can be installed at your location.

Q 6. How can my management access the data while traveling?
BuyerEase is a browser based application and can be made available on Internet. If it is on ASP model you do not need to worry about the remote login or remote access. Incase you have deployed it on your server or are planning to deploy it at your server you need to make that server available from remote location. For this you need a dedicated private IP address through which it can be made available for remote users.

Q 7. How is BuyerEase different from other software(s) that fail?
BuyerEase understands the reasons of failure and provides a complete solution and support with its unique execution methodologies and engineering approach to have a satisfactory implementation. BuyerEase is ready-to-use instant software, with facilities like data conversion, customization, and integration with other legacy systems as & if required. Also, it is installed and configured by a team of technologists followed by adequate training sessions on demonstration-trial-hand holding methodologies.

Q 8. How BuyerEase helps to overcome the challenges faced by us?
If once implemented, BuyerEase brings tremendous tangible and intangible benefits to your organization by providing great values making your work process a lot easier. It helps in reducing your time cycle of information gathering-processing-negotiating that usually demands for a high lead time, it establishes a buying process, due to scattered information that delays your decision making; is made much faster and simpler by organizing all communications in structured format. Also, it is capable of managing electronic files such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc and provide with better control and optimization of time management resulting in effective and efficient throughput.

Q 9. Is BuyerEase cost-effective? How?
The BuyerEase cost model emerged basically to achieve Economies of Scale while implementing an IT solution in an organization. It amortizes the cost of development and enhancement via its product development nature. It is best suited for organizations having sufficient resources and are willing to implement on their own infrastructure. BuyerEase is also offered as On-demand software or Software as a Service (SaaS), a way to share cost of managing and maintaining across various clients.

Q 10. What do you mean by Software as a Service (SaaS)?
Saas is a known as Software as a Service. It is a software application delivery model where a software vendor develops a web-native software application and hosts and operates the application for use by its customers over the Internet. To learn more about the subject please refer to ‘’.