Cost Structure

Software for buying house

Price Structure

BuyerEase cost is computed based on number of users that would be working in BuyerEase.

• The price per users shall be lower for a higher number of users base.
• There are different prices for different types of users - organization people, buyer, vendor.
• The prices do not include the cost of hardware, database, or other 3rd party software that are required to run the software on your server.
• For Organizations having less number of users, it is recommended to opt for BuyerEase as a Service, in which you do not incur any additional cost for procuring or maintaining the stipulated IT infrastructure.

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Achieving Economies of Scale

The BuyerEase Cost Model emerged basically to achieve Economies of Scale while implementing an IT solution in an organization. The conventional method of owning a software solution has high cost and requires tremendous efforts in conceptualizing, developing, testing, implementation, and maintenance.
BuyerEase amortizes the cost of development and enhancement via its product development nature. It is the best suited for organizations having sufficient resources and are willing to implement on their own infrastructure. BuyerEase is also offered as On-demand software or Software as a Service (SaaS) a way to share the cost of managing and maintaining across various clients.